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The Northeastern Ontario Milweed Corridor

The  Cochrane District Master Gardeners are involved with the Milweed Corridor being created between Timmins and Smooth Rock Falls.  We hope this corridor of native Asclepias (milkweed) will entice Monarch Butterflies to fly north and lay eggs, helping to increase their numbers.

In the last few years, no Monarch butterflies have been seen in the area.  It takes large stands of milkweed to encourage the female Monarchs to fly north.

Mark Joron, of the Timmins Naturalists, came up with the idea of growing Milkweed in Timmins and the surrounding area, and he started planting in 2015.

With the CDMGs help, and Mark's volunteers in Timmins, we are planting native Asclepias (syriaca and incarnata), along Hwy 655, the train tracks, and along the edge of the Mattagami River; creating corridors for Monarchs to fly between the two communities. The first 100 plants were planted in Smooth Rock Falls in 2016.

How you can help!

  1. Plant native milkweed species in your own garden for Monarch larva to eat, or even better - get your Town/ City involved and grow stand of milkweed in loacal parks (in groups of 100 plants).
  2. Plant nectar sources for the adult Monarchs.  This can be any flower that bees and wasps find appealing.  Only the last generation of Monarchs fly south for the winter.  Earlier hatches will stick around and lay the next batch of eggs.
  3. Get involved in Monarch Watch, and report a siting.
  4. Collect native milkweed seed in the fall, and give them out to your friends and neighbours to plant in their own gardens.  The plants need full sun and moist soil.
  5. Offer to transport, and plant, Milkweed seedlings along the Mattagami River, train tracks, dirt roads, or at other remote sites that will not be sprayed with herbicides.

For more information on our Milkweed Corridor project:

Contact - Pam Dallaire at [email protected]
or phone 705-262-1506.