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Cochrane District  Master Gardeners

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About Us
We are passionate about gardening and excited to share it with you!
The Cochrane District Master Gardeners is a growing group of gardening enthusiasts located in Ontario's far norh.
The extreme weather conditions create challenges for northern gardeners. 
Let us help you solve your plant problems such as:
  • Identifying plant pests and diseases
  • Tips on how to keep a healthy lawn
  • Planting in difficult locations
  • Improving your soil
  • Gardening for food
  • Frost protection
  • and much more...
The Cochrane District Master Gardeners do not recommend or suggest nurseries, garden centres, landscapers or any other commercial operations.  We do suggest you that you support local businesses and services in your own community.
Meetings can me held via email, Skype, Go To Meeting, in person, or via email.
Self Study Lessons - available  for members only.
Our Members Projects!

The SRF Community Art Garden

Located at 45 Third Ave., Smooth Rock Falls, surrounding the SRF Museum, this creative garden takes us on a tour of the 100 year history of Smooth Rock Falls. 
The garden is under construction until July 2016.
CDMG Member: Pamela Dallaire is involved with this project.  To donate items, seeds, plants, or anything else to this project, phone 705-262-1506.

Herb Gardens:

CDMG Member: Cathy Cribbs is involved with herb gardens in South Porcupine, Ontario.  More info to come...

Town of Smooth Rock Falls - Gardens

CDMG Members: Marion and Pam will be involved with two gardens in town; the Municipal Park (where the INN used to stand) and the Welcome Sign garden.
70th Anniversary Dutch-Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden - in the municipal park.  We support this garden, donated by Veseys Bulbs, to remember the Canadian connection to the Dutch Royal Family, during WWII.  The grand opening of the garden will take place in the spring of 2016.

SRF Communities in Bloom - 2016

CDMG Members:  Pamela Dallaire will be involved in this project.
We will be working with the SRF Beautification Committee on projects throughout town to educate the public on how to beautify the landscape.